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J. Scott Haugdahl, Bitcricket Founder and CTO, has been involved with the networking industry for 25 years, shortly after graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota's Institute of Technology. He spent several years in a consulting role during the overhaul of the FAA airspace control system. From there he partnered with Pine Mountain Group where he split his time between troubleshooting critical network problems at Fortune 1000 companies and training others on the troubleshooting techniques he learned in the field. Many of these experiences where chronicles in a humorous but practical column he co-wrote for Network Computing. Next he became an entrepreneur and formed his first company, Net3 Group, dedicated to developing analysis utilities including a post-capture expert system (NetSense), for users of any brand of protocol analyzer. Mr. Haugdahl continued to teach users the fine art of network analysis and also wrote his popular book entitled “Network Analysis and Troubleshooting” published by Addison Wesley.

Net3 Group formed a number of OEM relationships that lead to an acquisition by then AG Group, now WildPackets, in November of 2001. At WildPackets Mr. Haugdahl assumed the role of VP of Analysis Technology, developing and integrating the Net3 Group-developed expert system into the real-time EtherPeek and AiroPeek protocol analyzers and eventually, the OmniPeek analysis platform. He was promoted to CTO into 2004 where he continued to work on the expert system, performed competitive analysis, and spoke at many industry events.


Scott enjoys photography, reading mystery novels, relaxing at the cabin, traveling to new places, the occasional pun, and getting involved with church activities. He is married and has two sons currently in high school.