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September 20, 2007



Scott - All I have to say is , I agree.
I think NetScouts CEO Anil Singhal, knows that the purchase is only the beginning and success will come as they truly merge the technologies and unify the interfaces into some common plane.
Anil has a Great Team, a proven Team and now action is all that is required.
I really agree that the industry must learn from past and painful lessons or failure will follow these types of mergers.
I hope you and I can report Great things form NetScout very soon. Great Job....Oldcommguy

Tony Fortunato, The Technology Firm

I would be just as interested to see how they address customer service, support and licensing issues.

I still have whip-lash from shaking my head when Network Associates kept changing their licensing and pricing structures.

I know of dozens of my customers who bailed on them because they felt they were being gouged.

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